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You are here to learn more about outdoor travels such as hiking, skiing or cycling.

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Good Bye 2020. Hello 2021!

2020 was nothing but different. Almost every event or thing you do was brought into virtual. I attended virtual company meetings with regulators with my pajama on. I also did a lot of virtual birthday celebrations. Some virtual experience were definitely not as good as in-person’s experience. On the other hand, I did enjoy workingContinue reading “Good Bye 2020. Hello 2021!”

hill yeah…right!

This was a late post from September 29th. 50 mile cycling turned into a 60 mile trip with 2300+ feet elevation. I was nervous at the beginning because our group leader Karry Love was beastly fast. Her friend Matt was kind and kept me accompanied. Even though he was way too talkative especially towards theContinue reading “hill yeah…right!”

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